Wow. Just wow.

I don’t know that there is an introduction that can do this video justice. My brain hurts.

Update: I’ve never really listened to or watched Ann Coulter myself, though I’d heard about her from many. I guess I thought this was an outrageous video of her being especially stupid, but after looking through a bunch of old YouTube videos, I’m finding that it was actually pretty representative. If you still want to see the video you can see it here, otherwise I think I’ll just avoid Ann Coulter videos in the future.

The Buzz Hoax

This was so obviously faked! First of all, you never see the punch actually land. Secondly, credible eye witnesses placed Buzz two blocks west when this supposed assault happened. Third, I have in my possession actual footage of the rehearsals of this exchange which I plan to release as soon as I can guarantee the safety of me and my family. Finally, if you watch very closely you can see the head snap back and to the left just before moving out of sight, indicating a second punch-man behind the cafe sign.

I’m not saying there’s a vast government conspiracy to make Buzz look awesome. I’m just a simple man asking simple questions.