Abstinence Education Really Works!

Apparently a new study proves that abstinence only education really works!

The students, mostly 12-year-olds, were assigned to one of four options: eight hour-long abstinence-only classes, safe-sex classes, classes incorporating both approaches; or classes in general healthy behavior, which served as a control group. Results for each class were compared with the control group.

Two years later, about one-third of abstinence-only students said they’d had sex since the classes ended, versus nearly half – about 49 percent – of the control group. Sexual activity rates in the other two groups didn’t differ from the control group.

See? All that money wasted on telling them about safe sex and all we ever really had to do was tell them to just not have sex in the first place. But the most interesting info of all is what they found out about disease and pregnancy rates among the students.

Oh wait, that part wasn’t interesting at all because they decided to not look at that information.

Did the abstinence only kids have a higher rate of STDs? Dunno, didn’t ask. Did they have a higher rate of pregnancy? Dunno, didn’t ask. Most previous studies on abstinence only education have found a slight delay in when the students first had sex (admittedly less than this study found), but a much higher rate of STD infection and pregnancy. I guess they figured that such info only confuses the issue, so it’s best to just not ask.