My Sentiments Exactly

The following was a post about a comment on a post on another blog, but I can’t help but want to repost again it myself:

I am an atheist. I don’t oppose god, not any more than I oppose unicorns. I do, however, oppose the very real pressure religion exerts on the society I live in; an influence I find unhealthy and damaging.

I’m not exactly an atheist myself (see this post for a brief summary of what I mean), but I stand firmly behind this statement.

An old argument

My real aim with this blog is to have a forum where I can present some of my “arguments” for a given stance on some issue or idea. In general I’ll probably be responding to a blog post by someone else. However, I don’t really have anything right at this moment, so I’m going to post an old email that I sent to a friend when we were arguing about “Extraordinary Evidence”. Here’s my basic argument (sorry for the length): Continue reading


Well, the company that I work for (JTV) just laid off a bunch more people. I was not among them, and I doubt I will be anytime soon. However, some very good friends were let go, leaving me with…well…no one that can compare. I’ve been on a very intellectual bent lately due in large part to them. While we mostly just goofed around and had disgusting conversations just for the shock value, there were times (quite often, in fact) that we all had really deep conversations about…well…all kinds of things. Religion. Science. Gelatin.

Man…work is gonna suck without them to talk to. 🙁


I generally describe myself as a functional Atheist, an intellectual Agnostic, and a personal Deist.

I’m a functional Atheist in the sense that I live my life as though God does not exist. This is especially true when I’m thinking scientifically (which is just about always). In part, it’s because if you allow the possibility of God in a scientific context, then the answer is always as simple as “God did it,” which is, of course, no answer at all. It really goes deeper than that, but for now I’ll leave it at that.

I’m an intellectual Agnostic in the sense that I think that the truth of God’s existence is ultimately unknowable. In other words, we can’t really know that God does exist because, frankly, there is a very conspicuous lack of evidence for such a hypothesis. On the other hand, we can’t really know that God does not exist, because absence of evidence is not necessarily evidence of absence. Yes I understand the limitation of this kind of reasoning, but my reasoning actually goes a little deeper than that. For now I’ll leave it at that.

Finally, I’m a personal Deist in the sense that I believe that there is actually a God. Now, this isn’t the God of the Bible, Quran, Torah, or any other religion. I think the God of Einstein is probably the closest to my own definition (as described in Dawkins’ The God Delusion). For all intents and purposes, you can simply ignore this fact. It in no way affects my daily life, or how I think. I don’t think anyone will go to hell if they don’t believe as I do. In fact, I don’t believe that God affects my own, or anyone else’s life in any real way. So why do I even believe? *shrug* That’s why.

Having said all of that, you may notice that my posts tend to fall definitively on the side of Atheism for most things. This is, of course, a result of being a functional Atheist, and this blog is intended to be functional.