House Cleaning

I’ve finally been defeated by that impregnable wall of ignorance. I made what I thought was a decent point over at UD. The response, as usual, had little to do with the actual content, though it was quite verbose and chock full of definitive statements. That way if you refute any one point, there are 5 other points that you didn’t address. Then they can simply claim you were avoiding those points because you are unable to address them, meaning you don’t know what you’re talking about, meaning the point you made is necessarily invalid because it was obviously made by an ignoramus.

Anyway, I’m getting off track here. I spent a good deal of time addressing every point that he raised, demonstrating clearly why it was off topic or just plain wrong. I hit the submit button and……….nothing. Doh! The page timed out while I was typing my response. Fortunately I did most of the editing in a separate text file. Copy, paste, submit and………nothing. Compose a test post saying only “Testing”, hit submit and………nothing. I look back at the thread and most of my posts have been deleted. Only one remains, and that’s the one that was supposedly refuted. And of course the so called refutation remains on the page with no way for me to rebut. That’s how they work. And they claim that they are the ones being oppressed by inappropriate censorship.

I’ve given up altogether, which is what I should have done long long ago. I’m deleting all my past posts on Intelligent Design and letting the IDiots stagnate in their own echo chamber. After all, if no one says you’re wrong, then obviously you must be right, right? And if you get rid of everyone that says you’re wrong, then no one will say your wrong and you’ll be right, right?

Yeah, right.

The Journey and the Destination

A friend recently stated that he thought that I was more intelligent than he was. I’m kind of embarrassed at the fact that I didn’t immediately deny it. First because I think it’s common courtesy to deny it initially, even if you think such a statement is true. Second because I don’t actually think that it’s true. Or rather, I think it’s only partially true. In the same way I think it’s partially true that he is more intelligent than I am. It’s basically the difference between the journey and the destination. Continue reading