My Worst Fears

What Breivik did was not terrorism. It was merely the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. That’s totally different from terrorism.

Plus, he’s clearly insane, which means his Christianity had nothing, I mean nothing to do with anything. In fact, I read somewhere that he was actually a Darwinist, which has everything to do with everything.

And anyway, he was rebelling against Islamic extremists, so it was the Muslims that drove him to it.

So you see, even though he was a violently insane, non-Christian, politically motivated perfectly sane Darwinist, it was the Jihadist Muslims that are ultimately responsible for the whole thing.

This confirms all my worst fears about Muslims.

3 thoughts on “My Worst Fears

  1. Laura Potts says:

    Is this supposed to be satirical?

  2. Venture Free says:

    Of course! It’s taking all of the extreme right-wing tropes and combining them into one big gnarly bag of crazy.

    To be fair most sources tend to pick one or possibly two of those tropes to run with, so this is of course a major exaggeration on my part. On the other hand, that fact doesn’t really lessen the reality of the cynical attempts made to not only distance themselves from the ideology behind the attacks, but to actually foist the blame onto whatever group they dislike most.

  3. Venture Free says:

    I really need to stop being sarcastic online. It doesn’t work. Poe’s Law is something that I butt up against constantly online.

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