Today I Learned: FDR was a 4 term president

Today I Learned:
Franklin D. Roosevelt served four separate terms as president.

This is one of those things where it’s like “How in the hell did I not already know this?”

I found out when I heard on NPR that Obama is the second president to ever be sworn in four times. Obama was sworn in twice for his first term because of mistakes made during the first ceremony. This time he’s swearing in twice because the official swearing in date falls on a Sunday, so he’s doing it on Sunday for official purposes and Monday for ceremonial purposes.

FDR, on the other hand, had to be sworn in four times because he was actually elected four separate times. He’s the only president to ever serve more than two terms.

Seriously, though, how did I not know that? As well known as he is, you’d think I’d’ve heard that somewhere before now.

Oh well. Learn something new every day, even if its something that you probably should’ve learned a long time ago.